Born in Berlin, Germany. In 1947. In 1949 my family left to France, leaving again to Argentina in 1951.

I immigrated to Israel in 1973 joining Kibbutz Gaash. In 1975 I left the kibbutz and settled in Tel Aviv.

In 1972, still in Argentina, I began my art studies at the studio of the Argentinean painter Miguel Dávila. In Israel I studied with Abraham Farhi, Jan Rauchwerger, Harold Rubin and Uri Shtetner (1980-1987).

In 2002 I received my B.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Art Studies and in 2006 I finished my studies towards the MA degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies in the Tel Aviv University (I never finished my thesis :-)).

Since 1992 I'm a member of the Tel Aviv Artist Association and between 2000-2007 I directed the Printmaking Workshop at the Tel Aviv Artist House and taught etching at the same workshop till 2012.

Since 1989 I showed my work in many art shows, being 21 of them solo exhibitions.


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The most hidden thing in any attempt to represent reality is reality itself because the only actual phenomena in this attempt are the means to achieve representation and they fill up the whole sheet, canvas or space of representation...

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