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Born in Berlin, Germany. In 1947. In 1949 my family left to France, leaving again to Argentina in 1951.

I immigrated to Israel in 1973 joining Kibbutz Gaash. In 1975 I left the kibbutz and settled in Tel Aviv.

In 1972, still in Argentina, I began my art studies at the studio of the Argentinean painter Miguel Dávila. In Israel I studied with Abraham Farhi, Jan Rauchwerger, Harold Rubin and Uri Shtetner (1980-1987).

In 2002 I received my B.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Art Studies and in 2006 I finished my studies towards the MA degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies in the Tel Aviv University.

Since 1992 I'm a member of the Tel Aviv Artist Association and between 2000-2007 I directed the Printmaking Workshop at the Tel Aviv Artist House and taught etching at the same workshop till 2012.

Since 1989 I showed my work in many art shows, being 21 of them solo exhibitions.

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